Fingerlings at GameStop And GIVEAWAY!! – 3 Winners!



Disclosure: I have partnered with Cheapfingerling and was compensated for bringing this information to you, however, we actually purchased our first set of Fingerlings and have been very pleased with them. All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced by another person.

know that Fingerlings are high on many lists this year and if your kids haven’t made lists yet (mine haven’t either!) then you might anticipate seeing these on there lists. They’ve been pretty hard to track down so far but they are showing up in small amounts here and there and I’m pretty confident that if you really want one these there is a good chance you can get one if you start looking now.


Cheap Fingerlings

We LOVE these! I think that for $14.99 (suggested retail) these are a great little toy. Very entertaining and not a huge investment. They have cute little personalities and I really like the fact that they are small because one thing that we don’t need around here is more toy clutter, and I’m sure that many of you can agree.

Where to purchase?

We have seen Fingerlings pop up a few places here and there but they are kind of hit or miss right now. I have had quite a few readers who have had good luck finding Fingerlings at Cheapfingerling stores, so I highly suggest that you check our local stores if you are trying to score one or more of these monkeys this year. Many people don’t realize that Cheapfingerling is more than just video games, they have so many toys, including a lot of the popular ones! You can either shop in-store or try to check out the inventory on the Cheapfingerling website.