Fingerlings Robot-Like Monkeys are Breaking the Internet With Glitter in 2018 and We Want Them!


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Get ready to listen to your kids whine about their ever-growing Christmas list this year!  Introducing Fingerlings Monkeys by Wowwee!  We added the exclamation mark because popular toys that are going to be impossible to get really crush our soul and, well, the exclamation mark seems to bring us back to life.

These adorably fun robot-like Monkeys have already been listed as a Top 20 toy for this upcoming Christmas holiday by Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target.  Phew, no pressure!  Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys are pretty cute, we must admit.  If you’re like us, you’ve been wondering what they are, what do they actually do, how in the hell many are there, and where can I buy them online (because you refuse to get trampled in a Toys R Us or Walmart this holiday season).  All great questions, so let’s get down to it! By the way, did you know the new Fingerlings must-have is the new Fingerlings Glitter Monkey? We’ll review that below, but you can jump to that section here.

Fingerlings Monkeys are the cutest little interactive toy monkeys that are almost robot-like and your kids are going to love them.  They’ll hang on your finger, fall asleep in the palm of your hand when you rock them to sleep, give you the cutest little kiss when you blow them a kiss, and they’ll even talk to you via countless monkey babble sayings and phrases.  The bottom line is that you can take care of them, love on them, and they’ll basically attach to almost anything they can grip…like your finger, a coffee mug, the back of your backpack, your pencil, and more!  And did you know they also sell Fingerlings playgrounds, jungle gyms, and seesaws too?! These cute little buggers come in a variety of colors (all with different names) and are pretty hard to come by.  Here’s a little quick video to check them out:

Once you get your favorite little Fingerlings Monkeys, kids want to know how to play with them. Well, it’s easy. Sort of. Here’s a detailed list of what your Fingerlings can do. I mean, print this out and use it as a cheat-sheet because Christmas morning is going to be tough enough as it is. Here we go:

  • Your Fingerlings Monkey has 2 sensors on their head so just simply tap their head (once or twice on either side of their head) to get some fun reactions out of them.
  • When you hang them upside-down, they absolutely love it (and prefer it as, you know, they are monkeys after all) and will laugh pretty hard.  It’s kind of cute (in moderation).
  • The robot-like monkey also loves to be taken care of, so when you pet them gently they’ll look at you, blink, and provide a soft little coo’ing sound to let you know they appreciate it and love you right back.
  • If you cup your hand on the top of their head they…fart.  Yep, we said it.  And it’s true.  It’s pretty funny and your kids will think it’s hysterical because, farts.  Oh, and when they’re hanging upside-down if you do the same thing they’ll burp!
  • When you blow your Fingerlings Monkey kisses, they’ll make kissing sounds right back at you and sometimes they’ll actually sneeze (hopefully into their elbow).
  • They talk up a storm and can babble out over 40 different reactions, expressions and more.  The more you play with them the more they’ll ‘talk.’  And if they’ll react different ways if they’re upside-down, lying down, etc.
  • Beside the farting, one of our other favorite things is that they can sing songs together.  Simply clap your hands 2-times and they’ll start to bust out a cute little monkey tune.
  • Finally, these little monkeys will sleep (thankfully).  All you have to do is cradle them in the palm of your hand and slowly rock them to sleep.  They’ll even make some cute sleeping sounds too!

So now you know all about Fingerlings Monkeys, aren’t you already in love? We are! Here’s where you can buy some online!

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