Where to buy Fingerlings—the hottest toy of 2018


By now you’ve probably heard about the collectible of the year and latest toy craze—Fingerlings!

These interactive, battery-powered baby monkeys have replaced last year’s must-have toy—Hatchimals—on kids’ holiday lists. They’re small enough to wrap around your finger, and they respond to motion, sound and touch. But they’re basically sold out everywhere, so now what?fingerlings

Although the manufacturer’s site has a list of retailers in the USA and Canada, most stores, including Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us, say they’re sold out online and in store. But don’t fret! Tiffany Kayar from WowWee (the only company that makes Fingerlings) says they’re working to get more of these robotic pets for consumers. “The fan response to Fingerlings has far surpassed all our expectations. We want to assure fans that we’re working closely with retailer partners and that more stock is on the way for the holiday season.”

The brand also posted on their Facebook page yesterday to reassure fans that more baby animals are on the way.

Cheap Fingerlings

Phew! If you weren’t one of the few who planned ahead and bought these little guys months ago, don’t lose hope. You still have time to get your hands on Finn, Sugar and their pals.fingerlings

Because of the recent spike in demand, some people have gotten desperate and are buying just about anything that resembles a Fingerling. But beware! Many buyers have reported fake or unauthentic versions from Walmart and Amazon through third-party sellers. Some of the dangerous defects include colour bleeding off on kids’ hands and electronics that can catch fire. How do you tell the reals from the fakes? Keep an eye out for errors in spelling on the packaging, as well as if the brand is anything other than WowWee. Some of these counterfeits go by different names, like “Happy Monkey” or “Cheap Finerlings.” You can find specific instructions via WowWee’s website on how to purchase authorized Fingerlings on Amazon.com and Walmart.com.

Cheap Fingerling Monkey

Unless you don’t mind getting into a bidding war on eBay or Amazon (some are priced at $80!), Fingerlings generally retail for $20 (about $15 USD), and anything more is considered overpriced. If you find one for under-retail value, odds are, it’s a fake. If you want to double check that you’ve purchased an authentic Fingerlings toy, refer back to the WowWee website and compare packaging and images.

Call specific stores in your area to see if they have stock or will be restocking so that you can plan ahead—just because Fingerlings are sold out on a site’s website doesn’t mean they don’t have a couple left in store.cheap fingerlings

Mastermind Toys spokespersonBeth Merrick says although they’re low on stock, they’re hoping to have more in the coming weeks. “Fingerlings have been a huge hit at all of Mastermind Toys 60 locations and are selling quickly as soon as they hit the shelves. There’s a limited supply currently available and Mastermind Toys is working hard to acquire more Fingerlings over the next few weeks.” She advises that in the meantime, consumers can check in with stores near them or keep up to date online for restock availability.

The Fingerlings line, which originally started with only six monkeys—Zoe, Mia, Finn, Sophie, Boris and Bella—has now expanded into play sets, two-toned monkeys, glitter monkeys and even different animals like Kingsley the Sloth and Gigi the Unicorn.